Why Choose Teknotics?

We strive to earn your business because we understand that you have a choice.  We don't lock our clients into long term contracts so they are free to terminate our service anytime and for any reason.  Below are some of the other ways that we differ from our competition.

1. We offer truly "managed" IT services.

Many of our competitors offer "break/fix" services.  This is not a true managed service since these providers only begin to resolve issues when they are reported by their clients.  Many other potential issues may go unnoticed or unreported.  With a break/fix service, customers may experience prolonged downtime due to lead times associated with identifying issues, reporting them to their provider, provider response times, vendor response times, and time required to actually resolve the issue.

Other providers may offer "managed" services but they may actually only perform monthly spot checks of their client's IT infrastructures.  Even a thorough spot check does not identify or prevent issues from arising between checks.  This is really not a true managed service and is not much better than a break/fix service.

Teknotics offers a truly managed service.  We continuously monitor our client's IT infrastructures and proactively prevent or resolve impending issues before they even become noticed.

The graphic below illustrates the difference in the vulnerability footprint between unmanaged verses truly managed IT infrastructures.  If you are not receiving a truly managed service, your IT infrastructure is likely to deteriorate and leave your business at high risk for incurring downtime.


2. We offer 24/7 NOC & help desk services.

Our service offering includes fully staffed 24/7 network operations center (NOC) monitoring and help desk services.  Our staff is continuously monitoring our client's IT infrastructures and resolving impending issues remotely and immediately 24/7 before they have an impact on operations.  No more arriving at the office on Monday morning to realize your network is down and your staff is unable to work.  Or, maybe you're working on a project after hours or over the weekend and need remote help desk support.  Rest assured that we have your business covered 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

3. We leverage our Advantage solutions.

Our Advantage solutions consists of a continuously updated library of best practices, standards, and solutions that we leverage among our clients.  This benefits all parties - our clients receive proven and standardized solutions and we can significantly reduce our support costs by maintaining consistent standards among our clients.

4. We know your success is our success.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the many challenges our clients face.  We also understand that the growth and success of our clients translates to our own growth and success.

The role of our client success managers (CSMs) is to ensure the success of our clients.  Our CSMs meet regularly with our clients to understand their IT requirements and work with our professional services team to identify and implement appropriate solutions.  Our site administrators are assigned to specific clients to establish familiarity and a working relationship.  They handle day-to-day site administration and any issues requiring on-site activities.

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